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I enjoy giving classes to groups around the world.  Please see below for more information.  Thanks to Altus Flutes for all their help.  Please get in touch if you would like me to give a flute class in your area.

The Integrated Flutist


Fluting with Friends is a series of classes and discussions about flute topics,  given by the faculty of The Integrated Flutist over Zoom.  The next class on VIBRATO will be held on 17th August  2020 at 10am PDT / 6pm UK.  Please click here to register.

Check out the Facebook page for more info and updates.

About The Integrated Flutist

The faculty met at Pender Island Flute Retreat and each bring their own viewpoint to a particular flute topic. The series is hosted by Integral Steps, a non-profit organisation in the USA, that specialises in integrative education.

The faculty members are: Emma Shubin, Roderick Seed, Paul Hung, and Alex Conway. In addition to this series, the Integrated Flutist holds an annual flute festival in Vancouver.

The faculty members of The Integrated Flutist come together twice a month for a series of Zoom classes online. Exercises from each faculty member, discussions, and a Q&A all form part of each session.

Feedback from participants 

"Thank you for the session on Monday. You established a supportive environment and I found the exercises very helpful. It was also effective to have four contrasting concepts delivered by different presenters in 15 minute bite-sized mini lessons. This made it more memorable and left me with plenty of ideas to explore further. The handouts were also helpful." (Rachel, UK)

"I loved all the valuable info---was great to hear from so many wonderful teachers. I loved too that the class was running late because of questions, but everyone was willing to stay longer" (Arlene, Canada)

"Apart from the very congenial atmosphere, I liked the way the question of flexibility was approached in four different ways. It adds more flexibility to the topic, and it's so interesting to see how four people present their various exercises. I also appreciated receiving all the materials afterwards." (Kate, Italy)

"I liked the "friendliness"; the widely different approaches; the excellent resources that were shared with us. The fact that it was short, focused and intense, but in a relaxed sort of way." (Hazel, UK)

"I enjoyed the presentations: each one dealing with a different aspect of flute playing and touching so many areas that we all need to be mindful of. Rod's whistle tones- this week I finally got it: I was blowing too hard! Paul's posture and breathing - that tension in the shoulders that keeps creeping in. Q&A - a feeling that we were together." (Verena, Canada)

Integrated Flutist_ Fluting with Friends

© 2020 by Roderick Seed.  Photos of Roderick by Adolfo Perez

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