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Flute Classes with Roderick Seed


Moyse 24 Little Melodic Studies series on YouTube

I will be recording a series of classes on all 24 Studies.  These will be pre-recorded and uploaded to my YouTube channel to be watched free at any time.

If you have questions or topic requests for future classes, please do email me at:,

The links to the 24 Studies classes will be below.

Comments from viewers

"Terrific warm-up! Like the way it moves methodically through a range of 'bell-tone' exercises with clear explanation and demonstration. Working on this material is helping me play the study without heavy landings on the high notes - nice! Thank you!"

"Just thought that I would let you know what a difference practicing the De la Sonorite exercise as in your last 2 warm ups has made to me in the last few days. I have spent countless hours at various times in my life practicing them, but until now I have never fully understood how they really can improve my tone. It was always the right thing but in the wrong way before! Thank you."

"Thanks a lot Roderick for your great job! Looking forward to your next lesson!"

"I'm really liking the warm-ups on the Moyse studies..They complement my lessons with you really well"


Other classes and warm-ups

For my previous live warm-ups, please visit my YouTube channel.  

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