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More flute imagery

Following on from the tennis shot analogy, here are some more examples of imagery I use in teaching flute:


When I want a student to play scales with a really good even tone from top to bottom and with a great legato, I use two images.

1. Walking through water (or honey) instead of normal walking. The effort it takes to take each step is like the effort required to blow from one note to the next- no giving up on the airstream, but a good healthy supply of air through the whole scale

2. Passing a carefully wrapped present upstairs

Air speed and vitality

Imagine your body, more specifically your breathing apparatus, is full of water instead of air. Visualise how your air leaves your body. You can even fill your mouth with water and notice what happens as you let it out. If the air comes out too slow, the water will just droop like a water fountain that isn’t working very well. The air speed needs to be fast enough for a good vital sound.

Similarly, you could think of your sound as a plant- without enough water, it wilts and dies. So, don’t let your sound die- give it the air speed it requires (at all times) to keep it alive! But not too fast – that also kills it (“squeak!!”)

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