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Flute Days with Roderick Seed

For flute learners who wish to improve their playing and enjoy making music with others in a friendly and supportive environment. 

Upcoming Flute Days


Next flute day:


Sunday 23rd June 2024  *fully booked*

11am - 4pm

Cambridge, UK.  (Address given on registration)

Flute Music by French composers

Everyone to choose a piece by one of the many French composers from the

Romantic period/20th century. 

Suggested composers: Poulenc, Saint-Saens, Gaubert, Taffanel, Widor, Faure,

Debussy, etc. 

We will finish the day with some flute ensemble pieces.   

For intermediate-advanced level players (Grade 6+). 

Lunch kindly provided by our host. 



Warm up - based on exercises by the great French flute players and teachers,

Marcel Moyse and Paul Taffanel. 

Repertoire class - everyone plays a piece of their choice to work on with Rod. 

Lunch provided by our host

Chamber Music

Please bring a music stand!

Only 8 places available. Book by clicking the "Book Now" button below for the Cambridge Flute Day and selecting 3rd March on the  calendar.

Sunday 21st July 2024  

11am - 4pm

Just Flutes, Croydon, UK.  CR0 1DP




Warm up  

Master class - everyone to work with Rod on a

study/etude of their choice. Building confidence

and expression. 

Suggested studies: Moyse 24 Little Melodic Studies, and etudes by Andersen, Taffanel, Boehm, Koehler, Donjon, et al. 

Chamber Music

Please bring a music stand!


"It was an utterly brilliant day! I really loved it!" (Flute Day participant)

"A lovely day - many thanks to all for organising, teaching, hosting, baking and for providing such a welcoming enviroment in which to learn and enjoy!" (Flute Day participant)

"Fun, inspirational and joyful" (Flute Day participant)

"I just wanted you to know how thrilled I am at what you enabled me to achieve today..The result was undoubtely a far better tone and less discomfort..I found the change miraculous and am thrilled and extremely grateful" (Flute Day participant)

If you wish to have a flute day near you, please contact me.

Check out my Flute Retreat for a residential course of classes, lessons, chamber music and a peaceful getaway.

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