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Flute lessons

See below for more information about booking a lesson with Roderick. 

Multiple lesson discount available (save up to 15%).


"Rod is an excellent teacher - he's able to identify in detail what's holding back your playing and work with you to improve it. He's got a supportive and fun vibe when teaching. I'm making a much better sound and am able to play more expressively since I've been learning with him."


I give flute lessons in person and online to students of all ages. I teach in-person lessons in London, Sussex, and Surrey.


I offer lessons tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are looking for regular lessons to improve your sound and find greater ease and enjoyment in your playing, or if you wish to book a few lessons to prepare for a concert, audition, exam, or competition, I am happy to help you with your musical journey. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or book a free online consultation (see below).


After studying with some of the greatest flute players and teachers at the Royal Academy of Music and abroad, it is a great privilege to help my students master their instrument. I am particularly fortunate to have studied with William Bennett, who learnt from Geoffrey Gilbert, Jean-Pierre Rampal, and Marcel Moyse. Being part of this musical lineage is something I shall always be grateful for. At the Royal Academy of Music, I also learnt a lot about harmony, aural, music history and analysis, in addition to the skills associated with playing chamber music and orchestral music.


Mastering the flute is a lifelong journey and I encourage students to work on all aspects of their flute technique (tone, finger coordination, flexibility, etc) to find greater ease and enjoyment in their musical expression. I give a range of different exercises designed to help with a student's specific technical issues. There is never a one-size-fits-all approach in learning the flute!

Feel free to check out my teaching videos here


Much of my teaching is inspired by the Alexander Technique, which has helped many musicians, actors and athletes with injury prevention. For flute playing, it especially helps with breathing, tone, resonance, and finger coordination by being more aware of how we use ourselves (body and mind) and inhibiting habits which are less efficient. There are no wrong answers and I seek to positively encourage the student to find their voice and true potential, working on finer details as well as the bigger picture. I am currently training to become an Alexander Technique teacher at the AT Studio in London, which inspires my practice, teaching and performance.

Materials that I use for more advanced students:  Taffanel & Gaubert Daily Exercises, Moyse De La Sonorite, 24 Little Melodic Studies, Daily Exercises, Tone Development Through Interpretation.  Etudes by Andersen, Boehm, Köhler, Paganini, Gariboldi and others. Other books: Mastering the Flute with William Bennett, Practice Books by Trevor Wye, Reichert Daily Exercises, and more.


Single lesson

Select the type of lesson you require and choose a date and time of your first lesson and select "Book a session" (or "Request to Book") to pay for a single lesson.  

You will then be directed to the lesson registration form and secure checkout.  PayPal, Apple Pay, and credit card accepted.

Alternatively, you can select "Manual Payment" to receive an invoice and pay by bank transfer.  You will receive confirmation of the lesson date and time by email.

Multiple lessons

Please get in touch and we can set up a lesson plan that suits you. I can invoice you for the lesson plan and book the lessons in for you. You will receive confirmation of the lesson dates and times by email.

2 lessons: 5% off.  5 lessons: 10% off. 10 lessons: 15% off

If you would like help towards the cost of lessons, please get in touch.

Lesson Options


Free Online Consultation 

Free 15-minute consultations to anyone that would like to discuss booking a lesson, their requirements, and any questions that they may have. Simply book a slot below and you will receive a Zoom link. We can then have a chat without any obligation to book a lesson. Alternatively, contact me here