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R. Schumann - Romances  (2)

With Susie Summers, piano

J.S Bach - Allemande from Bach Cello Suite no.6 in D major (arr. solo flute by R.Seed) 

Ono - Yoimachigusa. Arranged for 2 flutes and piano. 

Trio concert - CPE Bach, Mel Bonis, Tchaikovsky

With Kiyoka Ohara and Aleks Szram

Thom Ritter George - The Troubadour’s Song

Chopin - Nocturne in Db. Arranged for 2 flutes and piano by William Bennett.

Flute Fix

A series of videos where I answer your questions about the flute and give tips on repertoire

Warm up videos

25 Live warm up videos covering topics like breathing, intonation tone, scales, etc.  Find all of the warm up videos on my YouTube playlist

Moyse 24 Little Melodic Studies
All 24 Studies recorded on YouTube.
Taffanel & Gaubert 24 Etudes Progressives
Mastering the Flute with William Bennett exercises
7 Daily Vocalises by Roderick Seed
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