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Vocalise 1: Beautiful Elephant in Paradise

Vocalise 2: Hommage à Poulenc

Vocalise 3: Lovely Octaves

Vocalise 4: Bach-ticulation

Vocalise 5: Bach-ercise

Vocalise 6: Sing and Play

Vocalise 7: Elegant Waltz

Vocalises are melodic compositions without words that are sung on a vowel sound, such as “aa” or “oo”. As the flute is one of the closest instruments to the human voice, we can learn a great deal from how singers practise. Vocalises combine technique and music in a way that is challenging yet fun. This book contains 7 vocalises, so one has something different to practise each day. I hope you enjoy practising them!

Book: 7 Daily Vocalises by Roderick Seed

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  • Chris Hankin, Just Flutes

    This lovely book from Rod Seed is unique. All seven exercises challenge and develop flexibility, and all have music at their heart. The purpose of each one is clearly explained, has a warm up to get you started and is printed in all the keys possible. For example, Hommage to Poulenc is designed to improve control of the Cantilena, Bach-ercise uses harmonics to outline Bach's famous Prelude in C major, Bach-ticulation is a real workout for blowing, articulation and fingerwork and the simple melody used in Singing and Playing cleverly encourages us to experiment with this technique. There are plenty of warm-up and tone development books on the market but none is quite like this!

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